Sea-dwelling Blighters with a long, slimy body. It's a reliable source of Fishy meat, being much more common and manageable than the likes of Giladex and Casberos. Incidentally, its evolved forms are noticeably rare in the wild.

Riftcast Recut Data

Title Magnet Leviathan
Codename Flounding
Class Coiled Blighter
Race Animals
Family Fauna
Element Electric
Weaknesses Nature, Edge
Resistances Metal, Blast
Ability Shedder
Action Swim

IQ 2/5
Pitch 4/5
Moxie 4/5
Compliance 2/5
Comradery 4/5

HP 4
Attack 9
Defence 3
Speed 7
Power 23

Rank 2
Lifespan 15 years
Diet Carni, Fishy
Biomes Sea
Size 3
Spark Electric, Blast
Slam Null, Blunt
Clamp Null, Blunt

#19 - Morgrax | Species | #21 - Reivos