Towering Wraiths with a short fuse. Though generally solitary, it will gang up on intruders and close in to clobber them. Despite their large size for a lesser Wraith, they're very dense and packed with Riftdust.

Riftcast Recut Data

Title Tidal Wyvern
Codename Aegir
Class Baleful Aberrant
Race Wraiths
Family Riftborn
Element Water
Weakness Null
Resistance Blast
Abilities Sad Aura, Shedder
Actions None

IQ 1/5
Pitch 3/5
Moxie 5/5
Compliance 1/5
Comradery 1/5

HP 4
Attack 8
Defence 5
Speed 8
Power 25

Rank 3
Lifespan 24 years
Diet Omni, Generic
Biomes Sea, Realm
Size 4
Tidal Claw Water, Edge
Spiral Null, Blast
Slam Null, Blunt

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