#024 - TESELOS

Shucked Blighters with brilliant, tessellated wings. These Blighters are rarely seen alone, huddling together in hives and swarming a foe with the entire colony the moment one is disturbed. They are easily angered by intruders, and will mob them with needle-like stingers until they are wrung dry.

Riftcast Recut Data

Title Venom Vesper
Codename Prickler
Class Shucked Blighter
Race Animals
Family Fauna
Element Light
Weaknesses Earth, Blunt
Resistances Nature, Edge
Ability Vampire
Action Fly

IQ 2/5
Pitch 5/5
Moxie 4/5
Compliance 3/5
Comradery 3/5

HP 5
Attack 8
Defence 3
Speed 12
Power 28

Rank 3
Lifespan 14 years
Diet Carni, Buggy
Biomes Field
Size 2
Leech Dark, Stab
Needle Null, Stab
Spike Null, Stab

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