#018 - WORBOLG

Resolute Chasers with massive claws. Although slow, this brute of a Chaser is very strong and tough, with a thick furry hide that's more than capable of soaking up damage from most foes and enough stamina to chase down foes to exhaustion. Its long claws are a sharp and powerful weapon, able to rip through flesh and crush rocks alike with ease.

Riftcast Recut Data

Title Grizzly Beast
Codename Boorish
Class Resolute Chaser
Race Animals
Family Fauna
Element Ice
Weaknesses Earth, Edge
Resistances Water, Stab
Ability Ramp Up
Actions None

IQ 2/5
Pitch 4/5
Moxie 4/5
Compliance 1/5
Comradery 2/5

HP 9
Attack 10
Defence 7
Speed 4
Power 30

Rank 3
Lifespan 28 years
Diet Omni, Beastly
Biomes Montane, Forest
Size 5
Ice Claw Ice, Edge
Claw Null, Edge
Slam Null, Blunt

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