Beastkin are a group of sapient species that inhabit Reveria. These species often think and behave like humans, but some are prone to falling back on animalistic instincts.

Recently coming into contact with Loxkind, some members of both races are prejudiced between each other, further exacerbated by the existence of evolution and their comparably smaller population. Attempts have been made to integrate these species into society.

Many Beastkin resemble animals more than Therians and Lox, which has once led to the more animalistic species being treated as such, with cuddlier creatures cooed at and even kidnapped as house pets, and monstrous species being hunted altogether. Smaller, non-humanoid Beastkin also tend to be ill-suited for manual labour and diplomacy, but they are nonetheless perfectly capable of performing jobs, civil or not.

Most Beastkin dislike being lowered to beasts of burden and mounts, though they will permit close companions to use them as steeds.

Beastkin are split into 3 classes: Feral, Median and Civil, each based on a species' capacity to function in society.

Feral Beastkin

These Beastkin are completely unable to verbally communicate with others, but nonetheless understand everything people say and can understand emotions. These species have the lowest average intelligence among other Beastkin, and as a result have the hardest time functioning in society.

Such species include: Velogoss, Straxyra, Sabereon, Arhallon, Ampaloom, Cresluma, Vexonite, Cryogon, Volturex, Dreheroc and Misiros.

Median Beastkin

The most common variant of Beastkin, these species flit between Feral and Civil, and aren't nearly as instinctual as animals or feral Beastkin. As a result of their higher intelligence and generally passable handling, these species have a much better time getting accustomed to societal life.

Such species include: Valzaios, Sileos, Garmorae, Yatsunagi, Yarnix, Buoydle, Merciren, Gardoroo, Lapagos, Vlamero, Laminero, Dynabolt, Carnadire, Tetronox, Harpadon, Dorazer, Pyradite, Gigazaw and Gladiex.

Civil Beastkin

These Beastkin generally have above average, if not perfect IQ stats as well as average Pitch and Compliance. Civil Beastkin have the capacity to resist instinctual urges more than any other kind, making for model citizens among Beastkin.

Such species include: Meicynia, Makotatsu, Ferozeon, Narcolex, Galmagus, Tornarius, Mitachi, Langarde and Kadavena.