Species are primarily broken down into classes and subsets by recurring characteristics such as their body structure, general manners and specialised adaptations. Not all species neatly fit into subclasses, while others don't seem like they fit into a particular class based on appearance alone. The main 5 classes are as such:

  • Aberrants - species that defy typical classification
  • Chasers - solely mammalian species
  • Hawkers - primarily avian species
  • Blighters - insectoid and amphibious species
  • Troopers - solely reptilian species

There are also two subclasses that are shared between multiple classes: Blobs and Therians.

Blobs are primitive creatures that mark the first stage of many species' evolutionary lines, possessing simple anatomy with many species lacking limbs entirely. All Lessers fall under this subclass.

Therians are intelligent creatures that all share a humanoid build and usually have longer lifespans than others of the same class. Very few Beastkin belong to this subclass, including the Hawker Mitachi, Blighters Makotatsu, Carnadire and Vexonite and Trooper Sileos.