Hawkers are generally avian and/or mammalian species, with most having the ability to fly or glide. Species of this class generally have high intelligence and speed but low defences. They are distinguished from Chasers with their hard-shelled eggs and the more mammalian species sporting fuzzy down instead of fur or hair.

Soaring Hawkers

These are all fliers who, for all intents and purposes, are just (predominantly) beakless birds with paws instead of talons. Most have a feathery hide, but some sport leathery skin instead. Such species include: Lutala, Meicynia, Velogoss, Tornarius, Vlamero and Kadavena.

Sylvan Hawkers

Similar in build to Therians and Loxkind, Sylvan Hawkers are bipedal creatures, typically of short stature. These creatures only operate with arms and legs, and most have the ability to glide. Such species include: Halduffy, Morgrax, Lapagos, Langarde, and Ampaloom.

Winding Hawkers

An offshoot of Sylvan Hawkers, these are mammalians with elongated bodies and long tails that forgo gliding entirely for a more terrestrial lifestyle. The only known Winding Hawker as of yet is Vardier.