Chasers are mammalian creatures characterised by their high average ground speed and cell-like eggs. They often boast high stamina and intelligence, and most are covered in fur. They are distinguished from Hawkers by their lack of feathers, paw pads, wings and gliding membranes.

Swift Chasers

These Chasers have a quadrupedal build, often sporting high stamina and above-average speed. A few species can stand upright somewhat, but all Swift Chasers nonetheless have poor handling. Such species include: Scarnex, Yarnix, Buoydle, Sabereon and Merciren.

Resolute Chasers

Having evolved to walk on two legs, these Chasers sacrificed high speed for perfect handling and high raw power. Such species include: Volvox, Derulu, Ferozeon, Narcolex and Arhallon.

Leaping Chasers

These Chasers sport strong hind legs that allow them to leap great distances and a long tail, with no particular bias to stamina or speed. The only known members of this subclass thus far are Raloren and Gardoroo.