The Blazing Red Beast that calls forth the sun and pierces through the ebon darkness. He is never far from his mate Murgyras, and will attack anyone who approaches their territory with a blazing fury.

Riftcast Recut Data

Title Red Sun Beast
Codename Nightfeller
Class Therian Aberrant
Race Mythicals
Family Otherworld
Element Fire/Light
Weaknesses Temporal, Blast
Resistance Cosmic
Abilities Warming, Violator
Action Teleport

IQ 5/5
Pitch 4/5
Moxie 5/5
Compliance 4/5
Comradery 3/5

HP 30
Attack 40
Defence 10
Speed 20
Power 100

Rank 10
Lifespan 200 years
Diet Omni, Generic
Biomes Realm
Size 10
Sol Stellare Light, Blunt
Lumina Flare Fire, Blast
Full Metal Burst Metal, Blast
Fist Null, Blunt

#132 - Ardmuth | Species | #134 - Murgyras