Despotic Troopers that roam the lands, primarily nesting within volcanoes and barrens. A beat of its wings can cause a raging wildfire.

Riftcast Recut Data

Title Fire Dragon
Codename Carnation
Class Despotic Trooper
Race Mythicals
Family Primeval
Element Fire
Weaknesses Water, Edge
Resistances Ice, Blast
Ability Merciless
Action Fly

IQ 5/5
Pitch 3/5
Moxie 3/5
Compliance 3/5
Comradery 3/5

HP 19
Attack 25
Defence 13
Speed 23
Power 80

Rank 8
Lifespan 100 years
Diet Carni, Generic
Biomes Barren
Size 5
Stakeout Fire, Blast
Wind Claw Wind, Edge
Blast Null, Blast
Claw Null, Edge

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