One of the legendary Primals that granted Reverians the power of Fire. Lying dormant and drawing energy from the continent's magma, this Primal brims with a flame so ardent, its mere presence of Emperus causes even the Stardust of Reverians to burn up. A real threat to life, all is set ablaze when Emperus walks the land.

Riftcast Recut Data

Title Water Lord
Codename Depths
Class Coiled Aberrant
Race Mythicals
Family Primal
Element Water
Weaknesses Electric, Edge
Resistance Blunt
Abilities Primordial, Rain Spell
Action Swim

IQ 2/5
Pitch 3/5
Moxie 5/5
Compliance 3/5
Comradery 3/5

HP 32
Attack 27
Defence 32
Speed 9
Power 100

Rank 10
Lifespan 124 years
Diet Carni, Generic
Biomes Sea
Size 8
Deluge Water, Blast
Hydro Beam Water, Blast
Clamp Null, Blunt
Slam Null, Blunt

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