Loathsome Wraiths of delusion. It latches onto Reverians to feed on their Stardust, during which the victim is inspirited but deeply stressed. While it doesn't directly affect the emotions of its victims, it essentially drains then of their inhibitions and causes them go all out, unable to control themselves.

Riftcast Recut Data

Title Sleet Leviathan
Codename Nethernaut
Class Coiled Aberrant
Race Wraiths
Family Riftborn
Element Light/Nature
Weakness Null
Resistance Blast
Abilities Motivator, Curious Aura
Actions None

IQ 2/5
Pitch 3/5
Moxie 5/5
Compliance 3/5
Comradery 3/5

HP 17
Attack 11
Defence 5
Speed 22
Power 55

Rank 5
Lifespan 83 years
Diet Omni, Generic
Biomes Desert, Realm
Size 7
Poudrin Ice, Blast
Whirlpool Water, Blast
Lull Light, Blast
Spiral Null, Blast

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