#065 - GLADIEX

Extremely rare Troopers that dwell the frozen seaways. Highly adaptable and skilled, it excels in sword fighting on both land and sea, few matching its lance attacks.

Riftcast Recut Data

Title Sleet Spear Drake
Codename Espada
Class Beastly Trooper
Race Beastkin
Family Beastkin
Element Metal/Ice
Weaknesses Nature, Edge
Resistances Water, Stab
Abilities Pride, Interceptor
Actions Scale, Swim

IQ 4/5
Pitch 2/5
Moxie 3/5
Compliance 1/5
Comradery 1/5

HP 24
Attack 16
Defence 8
Speed 16
Power 64

Rank 6
Lifespan 32 years
Diet Carni, Fishy
Biomes Polar, Sea
Size 5
Slayer Sabre Metal, Edge
Diamond Dust Ice, Blast
Slam Null, Blunt
Paw Null, Blunt

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