Curious Therian Hawkers adorned in glass. Though weak in power, it can create compacted fireballs so hot, it can vitrify dirt and gravel into Solglass. Its quick feet and strong legs allow it to toy with its foes and escape predators with acrobatics and great leaps, preferring to avoid direct confrontation with anyone it deems a threat.

Riftcast Recut Data

Title Jolting Glider
Codename Thumper
Class Therian Hawker
Race Beastkin
Family Beastkin
Element Electric/Fire
Weaknesses Wind, Blunt
Resistances Ice, Blast
Abilities Blinkers, Lucky Magus
Action Scale

IQ 4/5
Pitch 5/5
Moxie 1/5
Compliance 2/5
Comradery 4/5

HP 7
Attack 11
Defence 7
Speed 15
Power 40

Rank 4
Lifespan 31 years
Diet Herbi, Ratty
Biomes Field, Forest
Size 3
Bunny Blitz Electric, Blunt
Solblaze Fire, Blast
Fist Null, Blunt
Claw Null, Edge

#41 - Arhallon | Species | #43 - Tornarius