Fearsome Chasers who love combat and carnage. Herds of these Resolute Chasers are often found rampaging through snowfields, cutting down unfortunate foes with the axe-like blades on their arms. Curiously, they are very obedient and outgoing compared to most other dim-witted and violent Beastkin, and appreciate having their Skystring fleece sheared.

Riftcast Recut Data

Title Berserker Beast
Codename Maurauder
Class Resolute Chaser
Race Beastkin
Family Beastkin
Element Ice/Metal
Weaknesses Wind, Edge
Resistances Water, Blunt
Ability Berserk
Action Scale

IQ 2/5
Pitch 4/5
Moxie 4/5
Compliance 5/5
Comradery 4/5

HP 9
Attack 18
Defence 15
Speed 10
Power 52

Rank 5
Lifespan 40 years
Diet Carni, Generic
Biomes Polar
Size 5
Valhalla Tomahawk Ice, Edge
Blood Raptor Metal, Blast
Fist Null, Blunt
Claw Null, Edge

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