#034 - YARNIX

Swift Chasers with a temperamental, selfish disposition. It prefers to spend its days basking in the sun and will lash out with fireballs and scratches if disturbed. It's slow to warm up to others and particularly disobedient, so it can be quite a handful for fledgling Handlers.

Riftcast Recut Data

Title Hawser Beast
Codename Yarnball
Class Swift Chaser
Race Beastkin
Family Beastkin
Element Fire/Nature
Weaknesses Electric, Stab
Resistances Fire, Blast
Ability Super Sense
Action Scale

IQ 4/5
Pitch 2/5
Moxie 3/5
Compliance 1/5
Comradery 2/5

HP 11
Attack 12
Defence 9
Speed 13
Power 45

Rank 4
Lifespan 40 years
Diet Carni, Beastly
Biomes Field, Barren
Size 4
Fiery Furball Fire, Blast
Cat Lash Nature, Blunt
Claw Null, Edge
Slam Null, Blunt

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