#013 - QUAZARK

Troublesome Troopers that live in harsh environments. Its large tail keeps its big head and horns balanced, and it is a particularly awkward flier. Aggressive and short-sighted, it will charge at anyone it doesn't immediately recognise, spewing red-hot gunk that melts through wood and metal.

Riftcast Recut Data

Title Zealous Drake
Codename Hotspur
Class Baleful Trooper
Race Animals
Family Fauna
Element Fire
Weaknesses Water, Blast
Resistances Earth, Stab
Ability Merciless
Action Fly

IQ 1/5
Pitch 4/5
Moxie 4/5
Compliance 1/5
Comradery 2/5

HP 8
Attack 10
Defence 6
Speed 7
Power 31

Rank 3
Lifespan 30 years
Diet Carni, Scaly
Biomes Desert, Barren
Size 3
Fireball Fire, Blast
Claw Null, Edge
Slam Null, Blunt

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