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Rangers of Reveria is one of the main governing organizations of Reveria alongside the Frontiers Society, responsible for enforcing laws throughout many developed settlements in Reveria and protecting Reverians, both civil and feral, from threats to the ecosystem and outlaws. The organization is known to operate throughout most of the 5 main continents.


Reverians affiliated to the organization are called Rangers, who fight to protect Reverians, keep the environment safe and take down criminals.  Unlike Handlers and Trainers, these Reverians almost always act alone and tend to be powerful battlers in their own right, with many having their own personal goals they seek to fulfill through the organization's services.

Each Ranger is ranked as a measure of their personal skill from 1-star to 10-stars, allowing only the most capable of Rangers to take on specific quests, which are also ranked accordingly based on their level of difficulty.


R&R are responsible for unifying and regulating jobs, fetch quests, rescues and bounties all over the world, gathering these requests and posting them to the nearest outposts in settlements for Rangers, Venturers, Handlers and Trainers to take on.

They also act as law enforcement in the areas they are based in, with elite teams of Rangers posted to track down or terminate criminals other than Loxaloids, who are almost always easier to suppress. If the team fails or a capture is impossible, either because the criminal has fled outside of their jurisdiction or is too strong to be captured, a bounty on the criminal's head is issued to encourage Rangers (or, in some rare cases, freely available to anyone capable) to deal with the matter.